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[Best] Android emulators of 2020 - Play PUBGM/CODM on pc

3 Best Android emulators for pc of 2020! - Play PUBGM/CODM on pc

There are various reasons we should use Android emulators on pc. Most basically, Android emulators gets your heads up and gives you a bigger screen while playing games or using Apps. To save your mobile battery and extend its life. Android emulators provides people a workaround who don't have an android or a low end android which can't run some games.

Here is the list of three Android emulators we are gonna talking about:
1) Bluestacks
2) GameLoop (Tencent's official)
3) Nox

Main uses for Android emulators
There are many uses for Android emulators, I'll tell some of them. First use for Android emulators is to play games. Everyone doesn't have better android devices, they gets bad performance while playing games, or to get better performance and it is easy to play with keyboard and mouse. We get better performance while playing PUBG or CODM or any other games. Second use to extend your android's battery life. If you've a better laptop or PC and have an average android device, then you definitely switch mobile games on Android emulators. Increase your frame rates and play with lag.


Price : Free/2$ per month

Bluestacks is a well-known emulator allows you to play Android games or apps to your PC. Its current update Bluestacks 4 brings you an excellent Android experience on windows. Bluestacks is free to Download and you can pay 2$ per month for some premium features.
I also use Bluestacks 4 and enjoy games like PUBG and CODM. Bluestacks has customizable key binding. I liked its user interface too.


Price : Free

GameLoop is also one of Android Emulators use to play Tencent's Games such as PUBGM and CODM on windows. GameLoop is specially designed to play Tencent Games on pc. GameLoop is launched in 2018. GameLoop recently crossed over 450 Million installs globally. GameLoop is upgraded brand of Tencent Gaming Buddy, which was entered as official Android emulators for PUBGM. Gameloop is the best Android emulators in Market to play PUBGM and CODM. This thing makes GameLoop unique.

Gameloop Official 3.1 Download (2020 Latest!) Update Version


Price : Free

Nox Player is also one of Android emulators that allows users to run android games or apps on their computers. Nox Player comprises full optimization and many features. User experiences smooth experience while playing games and also customizable key mapping. Nox has 150 million users in over 150 countries and in 20 different languages. Enjoy your favorite games like PUBGM or CODM on Nox.

I think, these were the 3 Best Android emulators to experience your favorite Android Games on pc. 

[Best] Android emulators of 2020 - Play PUBGM/CODM on pc [Best] Android emulators of 2020 - Play PUBGM/CODM on pc Reviewed by VideoGameBloq on April 03, 2020 Rating: 5

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